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A cheeky comedy by Tomáš Vorel


For reasons of competition, PR manager Lehký receives a government contract to remove a voracious entrepreneur named Grossmann. To accomplish these ends, he hires a public service journalist who is capable of anything, and then sets a campaign in motion – a media and criminal campaign. He sets up and films an invented news report of “racist” Grossmann beating a Romany boy named Lájoš. Computer animation can fabricate any kind of brutality, and TV viewers jump to believe it because nobody loves a mega-entrepreneur. Other media begin to take up the campaign. Moralists from various social groups willingly offer testimony and expert commentary in order to publicly crucify Grossmann.


Whereas Grossmann’s life up to now has been addition after addition, the time has come for taking things away. He loses his money, his bank, his girlfriend, and even his retainers. Yet Grossmann takes it as a challenge. He believes that his essence, only that which is truly his, will be all that remains. Part of his loss includes his lover – TV personality Kateřina. But he meets police spokeswoman Táňa. Their relationship is all the more absurd because the more Táňa loves him, the more she must defame him on television.


The turnaround occurs when Grossmann, feeling broken after a round of police interrogation, smokes grass with his PR managers Gold and Rázný in order to lighten his mood. An idea strikes them: buy and control the most powerful TV station in the country! They invest all capital and efforts, and involve police investigator Viktor, who is less than happy that his job is more about carrying out orders for the representatives of power than it is about justice and upholding the law.


In the end, Grossmann acquires the station and becomes a media magnate. Viewers will be astonished at how quickly moralists from various social groups willingly change their positions – in favor of Grossmann, of course. The station rebroadcasts the report about the Gypsy boy, this time showing how the situation was falsely provoked and manipulated with special effects. Romany violin virtuoso Lájoš is actually a member of a gang of Romanian pickpockets.


In the meantime, the homosexually-oriented Gold grows fond of Lájoš. He wants to adopt the boy and raise him in a way that will free him from the gang of pickpockets. No one, however, understands his noble purpose and Gold loses the chance to become the general manager of the station, which has become Grossmann’s strongest weapon. Despite the fact that Grossmann is still being held in custody, he has been exonerated in the eyes of the public and they support him. They seek a culprit elsewhere to sacrifice.


Lehký realizes that he cannot fight television. It appears that his fall, as well as that of his colleagues and perhaps the entire government, is imminent. Calling upon the last of his strength, he initiates an operation which combines the power of the Ministry of the Interior and ex-policemen. He organizes the kidnapping of Grossmann’s son. And the father must now decide whether to lose his son or to call off the television campaign against Lehký and the governing party.


Our story primarily focuses on revealing the relationships and mechanisms used by today’s information society. Dictatorships use propaganda, not public relations. Everyone knew about the propaganda but no one believed it. No one knows about public relations but everyone believes it.


In short, being a billionaire these days is nothing to envy.…




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VorelFilm, The Czech State Fund for the Support and Development od Czech Cinematography

Magic Box, a.s. – division Bioscop

1.10.2009 in Prague

90 min, 35mm, 1: 2,35, Dolby digital, 6 reels, 4K DCP

General and Youth

Cheeky Comedy

Magic Box,a.s. - division Bioscop

Irena Prokopova,
Magic Box,a.s. – division Bioscop
Na Klikovce 7
140 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic
Ph.: +420 221 436 255






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